Monday, August 29, 2016

[August]Updates and General Info

Hello to anyone that reads this. I'm making this post as sort of an update and where things are going to be headed in the future.

First and foremost, "Delinquent Scans" is a 1-man group. I do every series in this group excluding Bucchigiri where I have a Super Highschool Level Scans cleaning and editing it. I will not have an update schedule as I do projects based on what I feel motivated to do at the time.

Onto the list of projects I'm working on now;

Bakuon Rettou - I'm trying to push out releases as best I can but my editor had to leave due to his life getting hectic as well. You may be wondering why Bakuon Rettou updates are slow. This is due to the fact that each chapter ranges around 40 pages and like I said earlier, I do projects based on what I feel motivated to do at the time. 40 pages is really demotivating but I promise I'll finish this project.

Shinjuku Swan - I like the rate I'm releasing this project at. Shinjuku Swan doesn't take very long to do a chapter and I'm usually motivated to do it as I'm looking forward to certain plot lines in it.

A-Bout - I should be getting a huge amount of chapters cleaned for me from Furyo Scans as they are on Volume 12. Until then updates will be slow.

Gangoose - I have to put this on the back until I clear up some projects. I do have plans to get back to it one day.

BADBOYS - If I can manage to get better raws (which I should be able to get thanks to Elemhunter), It'll come out a lot faster. BadBoys is a great series and the art improves over time.

Bucchigiri - Updates will happen whenever they're done.

Beshari Gurashi - I love Morita Masanori's works however this one is different. First, The storyline is about Manzai. Meaning there's a lot of lines in this series and a lot of jokes that can't translate well. It's hard to bring myself to work on it but I might someday.

Black-Box/Sidooh - Takahashi Tsutomu is my favourite mangaka. However, until I finish BR/SS I'm not gonna be working on these

That's all.

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  1. Thanks for the update, you've chosen a great list of manga.