Sunday, May 22, 2016

Shinjuku Swan Volume 3

Download: Mega
Encryption Key: !7LO1RgcxfTBFM3EorML1ZecoXXGlRu1mar9b0bji0Uc
Online Reader: Batoto

Another volume done. This volume shows some really dark sides of the whole nightlife industry.
So there are 38 volumes of Shinjuku Swan. This means I'm 12% of the way done with this series so there's still a lot more to come. Enjoy.

Here's the trailer for the movie in case anyone is interested. It features parts from Volume 1 - 4.

Edit Note: I've been mistakenly calling "Burst" "Boost". This will be fixed going forward. Sorry for any confusion.

Also, I've been reading a bit of OUT and if anyone out there wants to edit it for me then I'll translate it. If you're interested then send me an email at

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Bucchigiri Chapter 4

Download: Sendspace
Online Reader: Batoto

Joint with my buddy at Super High School Level Scanlations. We have another project in the works but for now here's some more Bucchigiri.

A-Bout Chapter 35

Download: Mediafire
Online Reader: Batoto

The group that scanlates A-bout in Russian contacted me about exchanging my translations for cleans so hopefully A-Bout can be put out more often going forward.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Shinjuku Swan Volume 2

Download: Mega
Encryption Key: !5pFTfZ5f7_3sCuVJcM6eKRM3wkVMEj5GN4N9gzPXxNo
Online Reader: Batoto

Well, It's finally done. 5 days and 202 pages later. Here's the entirety of Volume 2 as I've been ignoring Shinjuku Swan for a while now. Moving forward with Shinjuku Swan, I might just do volume dumps instead of chapters as it clears up a lot of issues I run into concerning motivation and time.

This volume focuses a lot on plot in terms of setting up for Volumes 3 and 4. In my opinion, If you're not hooked on this series yet just wait till I get Volume 3 and 4 out.

I still have to get around to Bucchigiri. As for A-bout, I have a Russian Scanlation group willing to edit the chapters for me so I can hopefully put out more of those. I'm gonna try to update Gaku weekly but I can't promise anything.

That's it really. Enjoy.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Bakuon Rettou Chapter 48

Download: Mediafire
Online Reader: Batoto

Approaching the end of V10.

Gonna get around to Bucchigiri and A-bout soon.