Saturday, May 14, 2016

Shinjuku Swan Volume 2

Download: Mega
Encryption Key: !5pFTfZ5f7_3sCuVJcM6eKRM3wkVMEj5GN4N9gzPXxNo
Online Reader: Batoto

Well, It's finally done. 5 days and 202 pages later. Here's the entirety of Volume 2 as I've been ignoring Shinjuku Swan for a while now. Moving forward with Shinjuku Swan, I might just do volume dumps instead of chapters as it clears up a lot of issues I run into concerning motivation and time.

This volume focuses a lot on plot in terms of setting up for Volumes 3 and 4. In my opinion, If you're not hooked on this series yet just wait till I get Volume 3 and 4 out.

I still have to get around to Bucchigiri. As for A-bout, I have a Russian Scanlation group willing to edit the chapters for me so I can hopefully put out more of those. I'm gonna try to update Gaku weekly but I can't promise anything.

That's it really. Enjoy.