Ongoing Projects

Ongoing Projects (Updated 6/29/2017)

Bakuon Rettou

Author : Takahashi Tsutomu
# of Volumes: 18
# of Scanlated Volumes: 14/18

Summary: Kazei Takeshi moved with his parents to a new house and new school.One of his new friends is a motorcycle enthusiasts and soon invites him to meet with his gang, the Zeros. Takashi comes to love motorcycles and soon gets involved in the gangs fights and issues. What has he got himself into and is he ready to face the consequences?

Volume Download Folder (WiP): Mediafire
Online Reader: Batoto

Translation + Editing: DelinqAnon


Author: Ichikawa Masa
# of Volumes: 19
# of Scanlated Volumes: 4

Summary: Mitsumine High School is known as the school with the most juvenile delinquents in the country. The students are so violent that even the teachers are scared for their lives. Sunahara is the leader of the first years and is the strongest dude of his class. But when the transfer student Asagiri Shinnosuke makes an appearance at the school, he starts taking down names and kicking up dust like a tornado. If the students thought things were violent and unpredictable at Mitsumine, they haven’t seen anything yet since Asagiri is here to become the champion of the school.

Volume Download Folder (WiP): Nothing right now
Online Reader: Batoto

Translation: DelinqAnon

Releases for this will be done whenever I receive cleans from the other group!


Author: Wakui Ken
# of Volumes: 38
# of Scanlated Volumes: 12
Summary: Shiratori Tatsuhiko was a bum wandering the streets with no money to his name when he meets Mako. He works as a scout for an agency called Burst that recruits girls on the streets for adult entertainment in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo. Tatsuhiko quickly learns the techniques of scouting and is even more attracted to how much money he can make. But with how the industry is maintained, Tatsuhiko has to deal with the lying, deception, violence, greed and even the yakuza. He wants to keep the morals that he has, but it gets progressively harder and harder as he gets deeper into the other side of society.

Author: Tanaka Hiroshi
# of Volumes: 22
# of Scanlated Volumes: 1
Summary: Tsukasa Kiriki is a boy that comes from a rich family. He spends his life sheltered from the outside by his parents undetermined to change. That is until his homeschool teacher, Mrs. Michie, says something that gives him the drive to be a delinquent. These are how he spends his days as a Bousouzoku.

This manga ran for 22 volumes from 1988-1996.

TL: DelinqAnon

Occasional Releases
This is for projects that I will release whenever I feel like it. Nothing on this list is "picked up" so if any other group would like to work on them then feel free.

Beshari Gurashi
Author: Morita Masanori
# of Volumes: 19
# of Scanlated Volumes: 1
Summary:Keisuke Agatsuma, is a high school student with a great sense of comedy. A student named Jun Tsujimoto transfers to his school. Both share ideas and form a plan to make a stand-up comedian duo. They aim to become pro together, despite the many hardships they will face.


Author: Morita Masanori
# of Volumes: 43
# of Scanlated Volumes: 16

Summary: Maeda is a new student in the Teiken High School. He stutters when he's nervous and he's rather clumsy. He gets noted immediately because he hits a teacher during the entrance ceremony. Some clubs search to enlist him as they see in him a force they can use to get even with other clubs. But Maeda is a loner and has only one dream: becoming boxing champion. His first objective is to beat the leader of the boxing club. "Rokudenashi" translates as "good for nothing".

Masanori Morita's (Rookies) first serialization, and a true Jump classic.


Bucchigiri - Super High School Level Scans -ON HOLD-

Author: Nakahara Yuu
# of Volumes: 14
# of Scanlated Volumes: 2
Summary:Takahara Jin is a former delinquent in a biker gang. Every day from the day of his entrance ceremony in high school various problems occur that can make him be expelled but from these problems, the power of his arm is noticed and in exchange for not being expelled he must join the baseball club. This series follows Jin as he looks away from his past and gives baseball his all.

Solo Work (Non-Delinquent/ OTHER)


# of Volumes: 18
# of Scanlated Volumes: 2
Summary:As a mountain-rescue volunteer, Shimazaki Sanpo is a man who has scaled the world’s peaks and is well acquainted with the rigors, joys, and splendor of mountains. Many alpinists make their way up mountain trails in the hope of reaching a summit in Japan’s Northern Alps, where Sanpo lives. With comments like “You really hung in there!” and “Make sure you come again!”, he cheers up the climbers as they head back to everyday life.

NeuN (Takahashi Tsutomu)
Author: Takahashi Tsutomu
# of Chapters: 5
# of Scanlated Chapters: 3
Summary:1940's Nazi Germany. This is the story of Neun, a boy that carries the meaning of "Ninth" with him, and his protector, Teo Baker, as they travel through Nazi Germany on the run from the Nazis. What lies ahead of the two?

BLACK-BOX (Takahashi Tsutomu) - ON HOLD -

Author: Takahashi Tsutomu
# of Volumes: 3
# of Scanlated Chapters: 2


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