About Delinquent Scans

Just a translator attempting to gather some people to work on some forgotten manga. Started from /a/'s Delinquent Thread.

 A majority of the series I work on are only worked on by myself.

If you wish to help on any series then contact me at delinqAnon@gmail.com


Q: Why did you start Delinquent Scans?
A: I grew tired of seeing people constantly praise and read stupid shit like the crap Kirei Cake puts out. All the while other great series such as Bakuon Rettou and Shinjuku Swan are just forgotten. This group is to focus on scanlating the latter.

Q: Do you scanlate other manga that doesn't feature delinquents?
A: Yes (Gaku). These will be posted on this site for people to download it instead of me just uploading it to an online reader. 

Q: Can you pick up X?
A: Depends if you're willing to edit it and clean it. Any suggestions that don't feature Delinquency I generally won't pick up.

Q: Can I re-translate your projects?
A: Sure

Q: Your editing sucks
A: I know :+)


  1. You chose some great series thank you.

  2. Yeah, thanks for A-BOUT!, it's really fun

  3. Thank you so much I really like reading bakuon

  4. Thank you so much for your hardwork !!!

  5. Tried emailing you but your email doesn't work apparently.

  6. Do you have any interest in continuing Rokudenashi Blues with the scanslation group Fallen Angels? They've tried contacting you through a few different methods but haven't received a response so I'm seeing if asking here will get through to you. They'll do everything but the TL if you're interested. Cheers.

  7. Hey, I would like to help you translate and edit. I really love yanki manga and stories and I am sad that I can find barely online. I just went to a day trip to san diego and went to Book Off and i saw the whole set for Bad Boys in Japanese, and I really regret not buying it cause only 3 books is translated and I cant find the raws online,
    i would really like to help. If you are still wanting to continue your projects please email me at alexandraisabella@gmail.com

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  9. cab you please continue A-BOUT its such a hidden gem

  10. thank you for all you do! shinjuku swan is one of my favorite manga and i'm grateful i've been able to experience it because of your work!

  11. hello! do you plan to update your manga recommendations? Thank you!

  12. thanks for Bakuon Rettou, hope you're alive.

  13. hope you are doing well.can i somehow contact you?

  14. hope you are doing well
    thank you for your work on rokudenashi blues