Friday, June 24, 2016

Small Break and some information

I'll be on a break for the next 4 upcoming days so don't expect any releases nor for anything to be worked on till then considering I work on all these myself. However, here's some information to those wondering what's going on with certain projects.

Bakuon Rettou - This one being delayed is entirely my fault as I haven't gotten around to translating the next chapter for my editor. I'm putting this on the forefront when I get back from my break.

Shinjuku Swan - Fairly consistent. Due to the chapters being a lot shorter than Bakuon Rettou, I'm hoping this will fill the gaps between Bakuon Rettou releases.

A-Bout! - Joint with a russian scanlation group. They provide me the cleans while I provide them translations. Release frequency for this is unclear.

Bucchigiri - Once again, my fault entirely. I want to focus more on Bakuon Rettou before I put more time into this.

Side Works:

Gaku - Haven't gotten around to the next chapter yet but it's on my todo list.

Beshari Gurashi - I mentioned before that I might release a chapter here and there. Nothing's definite though.

I also have someone willing to edit Gangoose (Delinquentish, Heist, Crime) for me so you can expect that sometime.

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